Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sinterklaas Day

 On Saturday, Ryan and I braved the cold to see SinterKlaas make his arrival to our Dutch community.
Town Crier announcing the arrival
Parade down Central Ave.
Stopping at City Hall
Sinterklaas read us a story and we watched a puppet show. Then it was time for games.
Playing "Sinterklaas Says"

Making a paper wooden shoe to hold our treats

Saying good-by to Zwarte Piet.
Storing the chocolate coins in his paper wooden shoe which he later referred to as his "plastic shoe"

Later that night, Adam took Ryan to the movie "Frozen" and he came home so excited and laughing about the silly snowman, Olaf. It's fun getting to the age where we can do some activities and one-on-one time with Ryan!

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