Saturday, August 23, 2014


On Thursday, I had a meeting all day at a vendor. The meetings went well and it was a great opportunity to share ideas with other clients and meet people I normally only talk to on the phone. They provided great hospitality as well.  It was hard to pick out something to wear that would be appropriate for the office but could also transition to a baseball game, especially since it was going to get cool at night. I decided to go with some layers and took a pic because I don't have a good full-length mirror at home and haven't been taking many consistent "baby bump" shots. Here's me at 29 weeks.

After our meetings, we boarded what can only be described as a "party bus" (filled with 20 young-tech-company-type employees plus some restaurant clients--not their typical occupants, I don't think) and drove to Fenway. The driver took a very round-about way in heavy traffic. I've never been so grateful for medication and yet I barely made it off without puking.

We stopped at Tasty Burger for supper and it was really good after we finally sorted out 19 different burgers and fries/rings combos that were all put in one box!

Then, we headed to Yawkeye Way and into the game!

It was definitely a cool experience to see another pro baseball staduim (I've only ever gone to the Metrodome or Target Field) and of course this one is rich in tradition. We sat under an overhang and it was pretty loud. I swear that when the crowd cheered, I could hear the Boston accent in it!

 I took a walk up to the top of the "Green Monster" and enjoyed the nice night out. The vendor even gave us all baseball caps for the game. Even though we are Twin's fans, at least the hat still fits in the color scheme of the boys' room!

I got back to the hotel and to bed around 11:30 which made my 3:00am alarm a little jarring, but had no problem getting to the airport and on my way home.  One funny thing was that after my gate changed several times in O'hare, I headed to gate G7 and had to do a double-take in confusion until I realized that indeed, there were no chairs at gate G7--just a wall to lean against. Apparently those of us flying to South Dakota don't need chairs!  We had a delay as they waited for a co-pilot, but otherwise my travel was relatively smooth and I was able to run a few errands in Sioux Falls before heading home in time to bring the boys to the HS football scrimmage. It was a tiring trip, but I am grateful for the opportunity and it's always nice to go and see a new part of the country!

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