Friday, August 1, 2014

Ryan: 4 years, 10 months

Ryan had a great July filled with vacation, time with Dad, and just enjoying summer. He loves exploring outdoors, usually with a big net and bug box in hand. He also likes playing with the older kids in the neighborhood and talking off the ears of the grown-up neighbors who generally humor him. Indoors, he colors or draws something almost every day and also loves setting up forts of all kinds. He asks about the baby every once in a while and likes to feel kicks and jabs. He has settled into his new room with ease and is usually so tired out from the day that he sometimes falls asleep while I'm still scratching his back after we read books.

He has had some more practice riding his bike but it's still not his favorite thing to do. He has gotten much braver in the pool as the summer as gone on, even jumping off the diving board (with life jacket) and proclaiming that he doesn't need to go to swimming lessons because he "already knows how to do everything." He is getting anxious for preschool to start again and misses playing with his friends from daycare, but it's been nice that he's been able to spend some time home with dad working on projects and doing fun things this month.

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