Saturday, August 9, 2014

Kim and Madie's shower

On Saturday, I hosted a baby shower for my sister-in-law, Kim, and her precious new baby, Madilynn. We were excited to see them both and had a fun time with aunts and cousins.

Ryan helped me decorate (he thought Madie would like lots of streamers) and wanted to color a sign. Since I told him he was going to Grandpa's with the rest of the guys when the ladies came over, he decided the sign should say "Ladies Welcome"

As the ladies arrived, they filled out a paper that asked them to list some sort of "baby" item for each letter of the alphabet. Whoever matched the most with what Kim had written won a prize.

We had lunch next and then moved on to play The Price Is Right with several baby items. I think everyone enjoyed playing this game!

Kim opened presents and received many cute things for Madie, including this towel bib that Grandma Mol had made before she died.

We took a few pictures with the guests and toured the house and then everyone was on their way! Thanks to everyone who came or sent their well wishes for the sweet little addition to our family!
Kim, Madie, and me
Kim and Madie with Madie's 2 grandmas.
The Mol side
The Boone side

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