Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cohen: 1 year, 8 months

Cohen's most noticeable change lately has been his increase in vocabulary. He will repeat new words that you say and has quite a few established words. Here is just a list of what I can remember:
People: Mama, Dada, RyRy, CoCo (himself), Papa, Nana, Ah-ka (Nika)
Animals: fly, butterfly, bird, nouse (Mickey Mouse), moo (cow), baa (sheep), Coo-coo-doo (rooster), meow (cat), paw-paw (puppy) and will repeat most animal sounds if you say them first. He loves flies and cows the most.
Toys: train, fence, ball, block, book, car, football, George (Curious George), marble
Objects: chair, fork, spoon, cup, nilk (any drink), cheese, bubble, rain, shoes, teeth, nose
Descriptions/other: hot, cold, whoa, more, on, off, this, no, yes, up, down, walk, out, go, boo, pray, Amen, throw, catch, strong (from Jesus Loves Me song), toot (and yes, it's what you think it means), Pew (stinky diaper), hop, pop-pop (a book that has popping pieces in it), mine, eat
Phrases: "Dada home!", "Where [RyRy]?" "Where go?" "What's dis?" "Set...Go!" "Nigh-nigh" "I stuck" "Have some" and his favorite "NO! Uh-uh!" (which he says even when he means yes)

He loves to run and falls a lot. He also loves to climb on chairs, couches, and the bed but has no fear jumping off of any of them :(. He loves bubbles in the bath and pouring water from cups. His favorite toys lately are trains and setting up farm animals in a fence with the fence around him so he's completely enclosed. He is definitely forming his own opinion about what he wants or likes, but it is fun to see his personality develop!

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