Saturday, April 11, 2015

Avonlea: 5 Months

How did our little girl get so big? She is pretty in pink this month, rocking a cute dress that came with a bunch of clothes we are borrowing from a friend. Did I mention how nice it is to have a tub of clothes in each size to go to when the weather changes or everything is suddenly too small? I seriously don't know what I'd do without it as she's jumped sizes quickly to feeling most comfortable in 9 month clothes now!  For daycare and everyday, her go-to outfit are long-sleeves onesies and soft stretchy pants. I think this girl has only been in jeans twice! It is kind of fun to dress up on Sundays though!

We started trying to sit up a little with the help of the Boppy and she still likes her Exersaucer. She's usually getting up once at night, but goes to sleep fairly easily at 8 and gets up at 6:45. She is usually only doing one nap for us and it varies in length by day.

Smiles usually come pretty easily and she is generally a pretty content girl. She has filled out considerably (check out the triple chin!) and has been very healthy, which we are so grateful for.

Her nicknames lately are "sweet pea" by Adam, "sweetie" or "missy" by me, and "seetie" or  "pincess" (interpretations by Cohen).

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