Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday

We attended the first service at our own church on Easter morning and it was a great service, except for that part where we lost Ryan for 5 minutes during the middle of the  singing. We were standing up singing with Ryan sitting in the chair between us working on his Children's bulletin and the next minute, I look all around and don't see him anywhere. We were in the last row before the "bar" where ppl sit on bar stools, so there was a wall behind us and we were in the middle of the row. After looking right, left, up, down, Adam finally left to go look out in the narthex-that-we-can't-call-a-narthex-instead-i-think-it's-the-Great-Hall?  After several minutes, I finally got all the way down to look under the chairs...and there he was. Totally sprawled out laying way under the chairs against the wall behind us. No way to see or feel him unless you totally squatted down. I quickly made him come up and sit and eventually motioned to Adam to come back in. The people behind us were probably laughing the whole time about our desperate search for our hiding son.

After Adam got home from working the Welcome Booth, we headed to his parents for pictures and Easter lunch. It's amazing to me that for as happy a baby Avonlea is, she isn't smiling in any of these pictures! Probably because we just had to take what we could get from her two uncooperative brothers.
Pay no attention to the man behind the tall grass.

Two Schmoes
Two Schmoes and a Baby
Threats were made, elbows were thrown, babies hung in the balance.
Big girl in a rocking chair.

Avonlea and Madilynn
Otherwise known as Avi and Madie!

Grandpa Mol and the 4 Boone great-grandkids.
We were so glad Grandpa Mol could come down for Easter. Great Uncle John drove him down halfway and we are so grateful for his help. It was hard remembering that last Easter was the last time we saw Grandma Mol and this month will be hard for Grandpa. But, what better reminder than Easter of the promise we have of new life in Christ!

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