Sunday, April 12, 2015

Cohen: 2 years, 4 months

I look at this little man and have to remind myself he is not even 2 and a half! He is quite talkative and keeps us laughing with his funny sayings and observations. One of the funny things he learned this month is "high five...on the side...down low...too slow!" He remembers a lot of people's names now and can tell us stories about what he did during the day or something he saw.

He can sing the ABC's and now counts objects up to 10. He tries to go higher, but it's a random combination of sounds ending in "teen". He loves eating breakfast and will ask for all kinds of things from yogurt, ce-rull (cereal - wucky chahms are his favorite but the box is now gone), egg bake, bana bread, and donuts on Saturdays--he somehow actually knows when it's Saturday!

We've had some nice days to play outside and he loves his bubble mower. He loves riding the plasma car down the street and we had to put it up on a shelf in the garage since he's snuck out of the backyard, grabbed it from the garage, and headed down the block before we even realized he was out of the sandbox before. That kid is fast!  He tolerates stroller rides but would much rather be powering his own vehicle.

He likes reading books at night--currently into Curious George "Costume Party"  and "On Top of Spaghetti" and he liked checking out some new flap books we're borrowing from Aunt Megan.

Frequent phrases from our little talker:

  • "What you talking about?"
  • "What dat for?" "What he name?" "I don't know ee-ver"
  • "She say no" (reporting back to "Ry-run" after he convince Cohen to come ask me if they can do something they probably shouldn't)
  • "I wanta summa da dat" (I want some of that)
  • "You bought some at da go-shee store?" (when we magically have more yogurt or cereal in the house)
  • "Mommy say shut-up" (He keeps saying this and I honestly can't remember ever saying this in front of the boys but Ryan is convinced I said it to Nika once...which is not totally out of the realm of possibility, but was more likely "Shut it" She probably deserved it, but regardless, you might hear this from just wanted to give you my side of the story! Little tattle-tale!)
  • "I got dat from my hair-cut" (his answer whenever you ask how he got an owie. No idea why.)
It gets a little loud in our house with 2 big talkers (and one little squawker) but it sure is helpful when he can communicate so clearly, like "I need more milk." "I'm ready to get out." and can defend himself somewhat against Ryan's side of stories. They fight like brothers at times, but can also play really well together and of course he loves his "this-ter".

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