Sunday, April 19, 2015

Birthday and Anniversary

We celebrated my birthday by going out for Mexican food with both our parents and I brought these frosted tulips and butterflies to work. They were delicious, but MAN flooding frosting takes for-ev-er.

The next day, Adam took a day off and I left work at noon so we could head to Chanhassen, MN for the weekend. The boys switched off staying at grandparents and they had a great time while we got some time away to refresh and celebrate our 11th anniversary. We saw Mary Poppins at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater and it was probably my favorite show yet. On Saturday we did a little shopping and then walked around Centennial Lakes park before eating supper at Houlihans and catching a movie. It was a nice weekend away getting to sleep in and eat full meals without interruption, not to mention having a full conversation!

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