Saturday, April 25, 2015


Abbie and Wade invited us to go to the circus with them since they had access to free kid's tickets. Coincidentally, Ryan had just drawn a whole book that week about the circus and all the things it would have and asked if we could go to one sometime. After debating which of the kids could actually sit through it plus the car ride to Sioux Falls, we decided to just take them all and even though Cohen got antsy sometimes, I think they all had a fun time! We had pretty high corner seats in General Admission and I think they would have paid attention more if we were closer (or if anyone could understand the announcers at all) but they still had fun.

Waiting for the circus to start
Little circus girl slept or sat quietly through the whole thing!
Power kids with their little light-up toys
Cohen's turn with the light sword

Ryan wanted to try cotton candy (and Adam loves an excuse to buy it)

Cohen eating Wade's chips
We went to the afternoon show and decided to head home right afterwards which is good because the kids conked out in the car on the way. It was a fun outing for the day!

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