Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Saturday

Great Aunt Connie meeting Avonlea

We spent Saturday with Adam's family. Connie, Chuck, Ashley and Brandon got to meet Avonlea for the first time! Madie and Avonlea also got to spend some quality time together while the boys played down by the creek with Grandpa.
Madie and Avonlea.
The boys' favorite part of the backyard.
After lots of stick-slapping and rock-throwing, the boys were hanging out on the bridge when we saw an oddly familiar shoe floating in the water. Somehow Cohen had managed to drop his shoe from his foot into the murk. So, while Ryan played soccer, Cohen was confined to the cement until his shoe dried.

He took full advantage of this and managed to cover a large surface area of cement, hoodie, and jeans with yellow chalk.  The boys also enjoyed an outdoor egg hunt and made out like bandits in the candy department.

I think the fresh air and all the playing wiped someone out. Cohen slept like this for over an hour right in the middle of all the hub-bub.

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