Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cohen: 2 Months

Sleeping: Cohen has been giving me a few longer stretches. Most of the time, he'll sleep for 4 hours, then give me another couple 2 hour stretches. It varies from night to night, but the most consistent scenario is going down at 10:00pm and waking up at 2:00, 4:00, and 6:30am.  He has gone 5-6 hours two different nights and I hope we can get this more consistent before I go back to work next week! He doesn't really like being swaddled and doesn't use a pacifier at night. He looks kind of lonely in the middle of his empty crib! He continues to nap a lot during the day either in the swing or bouncy seat, but not on any consistent schedule and usually in shorter increments.

Eating: Cohen is hungry every 1.5-3 hours during the day and eats each time he wakes up at night. He's had a few bottles from different family members just to get him used to it before going to daycare.

Temperament: In the last few weeks, Cohen has begun giving us some social smiles and coos, which we love! Ryan loves it when Cohen smiles at him or "talks" to him.  Cohen plays sometimes on his back on the playmat, batting at rings or toys, and he still hates tummy time.  He has a few fussy periods throughout the day, usually about an hour in the evening, and the best way we've found to sooth him is to pat his back while he looks over our shoulder, or to set him up on my knees so he can look around. Cohen seems to like his baths now that he can kick and splash a little more.

Activities: Cohen's been out and about more this month. He usually does great sleeping through church but is always crabby when we have Small Group at night. He'd gone to a few basketball games and usually accompanies me to the grocery store. He's spent some time with grandparents and has gone to daycare for a few hours during my doctor appointments.

Growth: Cohen is definitely filling out! I'll have an official height and weight later this week. He is wearing 3 month clothes but has grown out of a few 3 month sleepers already. His cheeks are very kissable and he still has a deep chin dimple. His eyes are still blue. Cohen's hair has starting lightening and falling out in the front except for a mohawk stripe down the middle!

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