Friday, February 1, 2013

Ryan: 3 Years, 4 Months

Ryan got to spend more time at home lately with his daycare provide on vacation and having sick children a few days. I tried to incorporate fun activities for him each day, even if it was just a trip to the library. Reading continues to be one of his favorite things and we'll often check out a dozen books and read them all right when he gets home. 
Ryan continues to like playing with Nika, racing cars, building with Legos or K'nex, racing marbles, and setting up farm animals. He also likes playing with Cohen and will often give him a kiss on the head as he passes by or ask if he can be put on the floor to play.  Ryan can also be quite loving, giving hugs and kisses and announcing "You're my snug bug" or "I love you, Mommy." He is a good encourager too, giving me a thumbs up and letting me know when he likes what I make for supper, for example.
We also have some challenges, as I'm sure every 3 year old does, with obeying, listening, and having a good attitude. He often gets the"whinies" or cries for no good reason which results in having a hoarse voice the next day. We're trying to work on these issues by having him calm down in another room and waiting for requests to come in a normal voice and not getting privileges when he doesn't listen.  Ryan can be quite the negotiator and tries to convince us with phrases like, "Just a little bit, not TOO much, just a little bit" or  "Only for a LITTLE while, Mommy, not TOO long" or "I promised not to have any snacks later" or "I promise to take a nap later".  We've gotten a little better at taking naps at home but still struggled a few days. We definitely know he needs them, though as there is a major difference in how he acts at night with or without a nap!
Ryan continues to enjoy going to "Sunday School" (3-4 year olds get to play, listen to a story, sing, and make a craft during the service) and likes listening to Bible Stories at night, especially David and Goliath. He also loves reading and listening to "Farmyard Tales" at night. Angry Birds continues to be his ultimate favorite activity and I believe he actually has strategy now as he can clear many levels on his own. It's a bit of a double-edged sword because it's sure handy to have something to keep him occupied for a few minutes when needed and good to have a privilege/consequence he actually cares about, but I'm also recognizing that it causes frustrating/acting out more than anything else too. Just trying to keep it in balance along with everything else and I'm sure a time will come all too soon when we think back with fondness on the days when our biggest argument involved playing Angry Birds.

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