Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine Cookies

I've been wanting to try a Lofthouse Cookie Copycat Recipe that I found on Pinterest, so I thought Valentine's Day was a good excuse to make frosted sugar cookies. I made the dough in the afternoon, refrigerated it for a few hours, then rolled, cut, and baked the cookies after the boys were in bed.

On Friday, Ryan helped me mix up the frosting and we got to work!  He picked out pink for the heart-shaped cookies and blue (his favorite color) for the circle cookies and of course, wanted lots of sprinkles! Giving him his own little bowl of frosting, own cookies, and a small dish of sprinkles is key, but this activity occupied him for almost an hour!

He was very proud of his creations, but always chooses a large cookie that I generously frosted instead of his own from the box. We froze about half of the cookies and put together some tins to give to my parents and Abbie and Wade since we were going to visit them that night.

These cookies bake up thicker and chewier than my usual recipe and I don't think they have that much taste, so they just become a vehicle to transport the frosting, in my mind.  I substituted almond flavoring for half of the vanilla extract in the recipe. Also, this frosting stays soft at room temp, so if you want to stack them, stick them in the freezer or fridge, then use a piece of waxed paper in between layers.

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