Thursday, February 14, 2013

More Valentine Fun

Ryan and Cohen got a surprise Valentine's visit from Adam's parents the night before the holiday where he enjoyed playing with the Fishing game they got for him. He likes playing this game at their house but we were happy to see they no longer have fishing poles with strings that get tangled up every other turn! He also had a lot of fun with his card which included some punch-out cars and stickers for decorating.

On Valentine's Day morning, I served red heart-shaped (if you squint a bit) Almond Poppy Seed muffins. It was just a box mix that I added red food coloring to and put a marble in the muffin tin outside of the wrapper and I'm pretty sure I've eaten the majority of them myself, but you can't say I didn't try.

After supper, Ryan got to open a few more gifts. He was pretty enthralled with the unique book he got from my parents called "Press Here."  He also loved the Farm blanket my dad got on their church auction. I commented that it had lots of animals and a tractor, but he corrected me, saying it wasn't a tractor, it was an "Alligator." (It's a John Deere Gator.)  I told him it was for Cohen and him to share, so every night Ryan takes it to bed and assures me that "This is me and Cohen's blanket, but Cohen won't mind if I use it because he's not using it right now."

Ryan got a box of Valentine's Angry Birds gummies from us and it now takes approx 35 minutes for him to eat his snack because he role-plays all of the birds and piggies in an elaborate game of 3-D Angry Birds before finally eating them.

He also got some Valentine's from his friends at daycare and I'm pretty sure he is loving this holiday. It's kind of a hard one to explain because with other holidays we have to make a conscious effort to explain the real meaning behind the holiday and that it's not all about presents. This one? It's kind of all about presents...

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