Monday, February 18, 2013

Wild Kratts

Wild Kratts is Ryan's current favorite TV show. It starts with some live action of the Kratt brothers talking about animals and wondering what it would be like to take on characteristics of the animals. After jumping into their "What if?" stance they morph into cartoon characters and then go on some animal adventures. Ryan learns a lot about animals and he loves telling us what he knows about aardvarks, termites, lemon sharks, cheetahs, falcons, etc.

The last few times he's watched it at home, he has gone into full action during the intro, acting out all the different parts. I have a feeling he doesn't do this alone when they watch it at daycare after naps and can only imagine this in stereo!  It's hard to see the TV, so it won't make a lot of sense if you haven't seen the intro, but I just wanted to post it to remember how much fun he has with this show.

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