Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl

Adam and I haven't attended a Super Bowl party in a few years as we find watching with a group of people means we never really get to watch the game, the guys end up talking and the women end up chasing the kids or manning the kitchen, so I was just fine with staying home again this year.  We had cake and ice cream in the afternoon for my grandma's birthday and Ryan ended up falling asleep in the van on the 3-minute ride home (mid-fruit snack) so we just let him sleep from 5:00-6:30.

I made Super Nachos and then we woke up Ryan for some pizza, which he and Adam enjoyed at his table. (Well, Ryan enjoyed. Not sure this was Adam's favorite way to watch football.)

Ryan asked to go to bed again at 8:00, so we had a pretty low-key night.  Cohen enjoyed watching the game too although he wondered a little about what was going on with the 35-minute blackout.

 I was kind of hoping for a 49-er comeback, but ultimately didn't care that the Ravens won. We were just glad it was an exciting game worth watching!
I didn't see all the commercials with the running of food, putting kids to bed, and switching to other channels during the blackout, but I do agree with many others that the Dodge Ram ad featuring Paul Harvey's monologue on "So God Made a Farmer" was the runaway winner this year.

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