Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Super Hero Valentines

Last week, we spent a morning making Valentines for Ryan to give to his friends at daycare. After finding a cute idea for Super Hero Tootsie Pops on Pinterest, we went with that general idea.  The blue and brown lollipops got blue capes and Batman masks while the red lollipops got red capes and more generic masks.  Ryan colored the capes and applied a few stickers, then I wrote "Have a SUPER Valentine's Day" on the cape.

 He decided that one of the little girls at daycare doesn't like Super Heroes, so he asked if we could make her a princess one instead. So, I improvised a dress and a tiara on her mask. 
He also thought a few kids were too young for lollipops, so we put some signs on Superman fruit snacks. Now there's something for everyone!

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