Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cohen: 6 Months Old

At 6 months, Cohen is learning new things, like sitting and playing with his toys, although he still topples over fairly quickly. He also can roll from back to front, but usually only over his left side.  We delayed trying cereal with him because of his reaction to formula the first time, but are planning to start after our trip to Florida. In the meantime, I usually feed him in the morning, before bed, and once during the night, and he has about 6-8oz of formula or pumped milk 3x during the day.

Cohen is a happy, smiling baby. Ryan can always make him laugh, sometimes just by looking at him.  Cohen loves to jump around in his exersaucer and seems to love making loud noises with it. His thighs are getting a bit too big for the Bumbo--we almost have to force them in the holes and it takes two people to get him out!

He continue to try to talk and loves to make a "B" sound and even gives raspberries. He loves sleeping with his Taggie next to his face and sometimes sucks on it instead of a pacifier. He continues to get up at least once/night to eat, but since he goes to bed before 8:00 most nights, it's understandable.

He loves swinging on the swingset outside, his toes or legs being tickled, and anyone talking to him. His long peach-fuzz hair is quite "floofy" and is very much turning blond. He's now wearing mostly 9 month clothes and even a few 12 month. His checkup was actually about 2 weeks before he turned 6 months and he measured 27.75" (94%), 19 lb, 1 oz (83%), and HC of 44.5cm (87%). He has no teeth yet but that toothless grin is hard to beat,  regardless!

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