Sunday, June 16, 2013

Florida Day 4: Swimming and Beach Party

On Sunday, we took it easy and made a few trips to the pool.  It was nice to have a slower day.  It was the only day I got to swim with the boys at the resort so it was fun to spend time in the water with them.  

Ryan also spent some time hanging out with Saylor. It sure does help when they can entertain each other!

At night, we were going to go to a Beach party with all the Pizza Ranch people. As we arrived, it started to rain, but Ryan and Saylor still stood in line for a balloon. Ryan was pretty pumped about his blue sword. So pumped that he immediately dueled a pillar...and lost. Good thing my balloon-twisting abilities from a book we had when we were young kicked in and I fashioned the remaining handle into a short dagger a la Peter Pan.


Unfortunately, the rain only got harder and after waiting it out under an alcove for an hour, we decided to call it a loss and went to Cracker Barrel and Target instead.  We missed out on pictures with Mickey and Minnie, but had some other opportunities later in the week.

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