Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ladder up

In an attempt to get some of our out-of-season stuff up and off the garage floor and out of the basement, Adam installed an attic ladder. We can now bring some tubs, outdoor toys, and hopefully a Christmas Tree up to the garage attic. It should also be more convenient than our current attic access which is located right above the landing/stairs by the door (a landing that is not wide enough to fit a ladder without part of each foot hanging precariously off the edge).

Ryan was excited to check out the progress as Adam and his friend, Nick, installed it tonight and couldn't wait to go up and take a look. 

I don't know why he thought rafters were so interesting, but apparently they are "really cool."

We still have to figure out some lighting options and install the floor, but we're all giddy with organizational fever already.

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