Friday, June 14, 2013

Florida Day 2: Magic Kingdom-TomorrowLand & AdventureLand

We headed back to Magic Kingdom around 5:30, ready to tackle more rides. Don't we look like we fit right in at The Happiest Place on Earth?

Ready for more Magic Kingdom
Until you realize that the picture snapped right before this was a more accurate representation:
In full negotiation mode.

As we walked into Main Street, we first stopped at Backstage Magic with Mickey Mouse.  Ryan was in awe and loved giving Mickey a big hug!
Ryan meeting Mickey for the first time
This "attraction" is really just a line to a photo-op but it took less than 10 minutes at 5:30pm  (the Princess line was MUCH longer). We were happy to learn they will gladly take photos for you with your own camera and we got a great one of the whole family!
Mickey Mouse with the Boones
Our next stop was Tomorrowland where we got in line for Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. Ryan got a little antsy in the 30 minute line, but there was lots to see in the line and once we got on the ride, he liked trying to shoot the laser at the "Z's".

Next, we went to the Monster's, Inc. Laugh Floor show. This was very well done and a lot of fun. They often put audience members up on the screen and Cohen was shown with the caption "Can burp the alphabet" and got an "awww" from the crowd while Verlyn was shown with the caption "Buying Churros for everyone after the show". We all loved this show!

Next up with the Speedway where Ryan was excited to drive his own race car. Cohen and I watched from the Grand Stand. In Adam's words, "We have a lot to learn about steering before he turns 14." Ryan kept taunting Grandpa and Grandma that they couldn't catch up to him!

 We had a FastPass to go on Buzz again, but Ryan didn't want to, so we went to eat at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe. It was getting dark and after 8:00 and instead of sitting around waiting for the parade, we decided to take advantage of the short lines. We navigated the crowds all the way to AdventureLand where Ryan and I did Alladin's Magic Carpets (after getting spit on by the camel). This was more fun than I thought, albeit a short ride, and Ryan thought it was awesome making it go up or down with the joystick.

It was very dark but we managed to find Pirates of the Caribbean. Since most people were at the parade, we were able to walk all the way through the queue and step right on the boat! Ryan claims this was his favorite ride, even though he had his head in Adam's lap for most of it. We tried to concentrate him on the little details like the crab waving its claw or the seagull (and not the sword-pierced skeletons around them).

TIP: If your kids can't sit for an hour to wait for the parade (mine couldn't), you're not going to get a good view anyway, so you might as well take advantage of the short lines from 8:00-9:30.

The boys were tired and done for the day after this, so we fought back through the crowds to the exit. Ryan saw the castle change color a few times and didn't seem phased at missing the lit-up floats going by.

We tried to quit while we were ahead and left before full melt-down mode (yet entering the uncooperative for a picture) mode.

 After getting on the bus, an older lady handed Ryan her light-up Mickey ears and we loved watching them blink the whole ride home. He also got a glow bracelet from the guard at the resort and it was interesting watching him try to go to sleep while still keeping an eye on it to see if it was still glowing.

Cohen was a champ through the whole day and was smiling when we arrived back at the hotel at 10:30. It was a magic day!

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