Sunday, June 9, 2013

Waverly Weekend

On Friday, I took the afternoon off to head to Waverly with the boys.  The trip there took 4 hours and 40 minutes and included 4 stops before we even hit Clear Lake. But, we eventually arrived to a running-from-the-house-yelling greeting from Lincoln and Emily. After supper outside and time on the swingset, we settled down for the night with bed time stories by Emily.
Ryan started off trying to sleep in Lincoln's room, but ended up in Emily's bed with me, which went better than expected. Cohen spent the night in Emily's closet :).

On Saturday, they played toys, then found lots to do outside. We took a break for lunch and enjoyed eating outside again.
In the afternoon, one of Ryan's favorite things was the bounce house Aunt Megan got out for them to burn off some energy.
 We decided everyone would feel better if they had a nap, so we read some books and successfully got Ryan and Lincoln to sleep (maybe by promising them we could walk to the ice cream shop after they woke up).

Cohen didn't feel like napping much, but he had fun practicing his sitting.
Since the boys upheld their end of the bargain, off we went to Duo's, the coffee and ice cream shop down the block.

They have my favorite ice cream of all time -- Iced Latte-Da. Ryan (and his shirt) enjoyed a soft-serve chocolate Flavor-Burst cone.

The weather started looking questionable, so we spent the rest of the evening inside. Before bed, the kids got to play Angry Birds on the TV.

In the morning, we had breakfast and Ryan got to play a little longer while I packed up. We headed home through a light drizzle which didn't bother me too much until my passenger wiper blade completely busted. I cruised into Sparky's Sinclair in Humboldt where they confirmed that they neither carried the part needed, nor thought there were any auto supply stores open on Sunday along my route. So, the nice guy at the gas station helped me rig up a burp rag wrapped around the end of the wiper lever, held on by his wife's hair tie. This way, the metal end wouldn't scratch my windshield and I could still run the wipers the rest of the way home (which proved necessary). Cohen did much better on this drive and with DVDs, snacks, and ipad, Ryan did fine on both drives.

We had a great time and I'm so glad the cousins had a chance to play together this weekend! Thanks for having us!

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