Monday, June 3, 2013

Like Mother, Like Son

If I polled 100 people on what they thought this post was going to be about, I'm pretty certain no one would guess what I've discovered that Cohen and I have in common.

Did he inherit his chin dimple from me?
No, we discovered last weekend that this is a Mol trait (Adam's mom's side--several of his cousins have it!)

Does he have hazel eyes like my sisters and I (and Ryan)?
Not yet...his are still blue.  But yes, Wade, hazel is a real eye color.

Do we have matching birthmarks?
Nope...I have several freckles, but he has a red mark at the base of his skull.

Do I have crazy peach-fuzz hair with a strip of long hair down the middle?
Not currently.

So...what is this weird trait we share?

We both have third toes that are longer than our second toe.

 Go ahead, check your toes right now. You know you want to.

And don't give me any of that "well my second toe is longer than my big toe."



There's a name for that (Morton's toe).

My vast amount (5 minutes) of internet research tells me that there is no name for a longer middle toe. The actual WikiAnswer for "What does it mean if I have a longer middle toe?" is "You are a very lucky person." So, that's not feeling very official.

So, in honor of both Cohen and myself, I hearby name this genetic anomaly "CoBo toe" or "coboto"

You just wish you could be as special as us...
...the original Coboto's.

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