Thursday, June 13, 2013

Florida Day 1: First Flights

Thursday morning, we headed out on our big Florida adventure. Ryan did a great job at the airport (it helps that it's Sioux Falls) and was excited to get on the plane. At first, we were a little disappointed that the seat assignments we had paid extra to reserve had somehow gotten switched, so Ryan and Adam were 14 rows away from Courtney, Cohen, and Adam's parents. But, since no one else was sitting with Ryan and Adam in their row, I got to move up and it worked out great.

Cohen fell asleep before liftoff and Ryan had fun watching us go faster and faster and then watching everything get smaller and smaller. He made the row in front of us laugh when he announced shortly after takeoff "I CAN SEE THE OCEAN!" Sorry, buddy, but that would still be South Dakota. But close.

Ryan entertained himself with games on the ipad and a lollipop to help with the ear popping. Cohen did great for the most part and we were happy to land at Orlando Sanford in under 3 hours. The heat and humidity were overwhelming, but we managed to get all our stuff into the rental minivan and made our way down the toll roads to Disney's Coronado Springs resort. We also caught our first glimpses of all the fun to come!

After unpacking, we headed out to eat at Ponderosa Steakhouse. After having a doughnut at 6:30am and totally skipping lunch, we were all ready for steak and a buffet at 6:30pm. The warm chocolate chip cookies and ice cream really sealed the deal for me!  After that, we made a Target run to get food and a few supplies for the week. The boys were beyond tired after our big day and after putting on his new Mickey pajamas, Ryan was ready to rest up for the next big day!

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