Friday, July 12, 2013

Cohen: 7 Months


Cohen is growing and changing so fast! He can roll all over the place and often goes from a sitting position forward to his tummy. He's also started rocking forward and back a little, so as soon as his arms get strong enough to support his weight, I think he'll be off and crawling! He gives us lots of giggles, especially when playing peek-a-boo. He babbles a lot and blows raspberries. His favorite syllables sound like "Ah-boo" and, despite my efforts, there is no sign of "mama" yet.
Cohen's hair is getting crazier. It's still the texture of peach fuzz, but it just gets longer and therefore, taller! My best efforts to smooth it down only result it in popping back up in minutes, so we just let it do what it wants. His bottom right front tooth is all the way through and the bottom left has just started to poke through. He's gotten pretty good at eating rice cereal so we've ventured into a few other foods. He thought apples and peaches were a little sour at first but now seems to tolerate them. Our first attempt at green beans brought some funny faces and gagging, but we'll keep trying! I'm attempting to make my own baby food and though I'm not too far into it, it seems easy enough. I have a good food processing attachment on my mixer and there are lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in season right now. I was inspired by a few friends who said it wasn't as hard as they thought and saved a lot of money. 
He eats in a little chair with a tray that straps onto a kitchen chair. The highchair takes up too much space and his thighs are officially too large for the Bumbo! He loves slapping his hands on the tray and goes crazy rocking back and forth in it.

Cohen has been having fun experimenting with new toys like a lion with a light-up nose, sorting blocks, a pop-up toy where he can close the lids on the animals, and basically anything else he can get his hands and mouth on. He loves Ryan "wrestling" with him, but it's hard to get him to understand how to be gentle. He usually falls asleep in the stroller or carrier, but seems to enjoy being outside, especially swinging on the playset. He still goes crazy if you try to read books to him.Cohen continues his routine of waking up twice/night to eat and sometimes wakes up 1-2 other times as well. He's never up for long, but it makes it difficult to get long blocks of sleep. He's so cute when he sleeps, but it's my favorite thing to find him awake in the morning when he's so happy and slamming his feet down.

Our current nicknames include "fuzz head," "Cockatoo" (both in reference to his hair) and "Conando". Ryan calls him "Buddy."


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