Friday, July 5, 2013

MN: Fishing

Ryan woke up at 4:00 the first morning at the cabin, asking if it was time to go fishing yet. He was out on the lake by 6:00 with Adam and Adam's Uncle Chuck and had a great time fishing the whole weekend. He even caught the first fish of the day on Friday morning! He was patient in the boat and entertained himself catching the minnows in the minnow bucket.

They caught bass, walleye, northern and sunfish. I don't have a picture of all the lunkers they cuaght at dusk, but here's one of Brandon (Adam's cousin Ashley's husband). Ryan looked straight down this large mouth's gullet and commented that it was *gulp* very big and full of bones!

Successful fishing means a really yummy supper and we all enjoyed a fish fry on Saturday night. Ryan even gobbled up his fish!

Here's a video of Ryan's exciting catch off the dock ("Woo!"):

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