Thursday, July 11, 2013

Weekday Fun

Now that Adam is finished coaching baseball for the summer, he had a few days at home with the boys. They did lots of fun things like fishing, going for walks, checking out different parks, playing in the sprinkler, going to the library, etc. Here are a few pictures from the week:

Cohen is learning to roll a ball.
Ryan playing with playdough. The top one is Jesus (a gingerbread man) on the cross. The one on the right is an ice cream cone.

On Tuesday, Adam and the boys met Abbie, Wade and Saylor at the Splash Pad in Boyden. The water was cold, but from the pictures Abbie texted me, it looks like they still had fun!
Boyden Splash Pad
Hanging out at the Splash Pad
I was in desperate need of a dress to wear to two weddings this weekend and it came down to going to Maurice's on Wednesday night. Adam took the boys to play at the park while I tried on [dozens of] dresses and then they came back to the mall for the free train rides. (It was Crazy Days.)  The nice man driving took Ryan on a 20-minute train ride around the mall! I guess it pays to go there late when all the other kids are getting ready for bed!

Cruisin' the mall. ["At the Centre of it all."]
Ryan picked out the blue car.
On Thursday night, we got packed to head to St. Cloud and then Adam took Ryan to the baseball game for a while to watch Colin. Juliana texted me this picture of Ryan wearing his hat like Grandpa Terry :).

I think they're all enjoying the summer break!

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