Friday, July 5, 2013

MN: Tubing

We thought this calm lake would be a great opportunity to introduce Ryan to tubing.  First, we put him on the tube in the shallow water by the dock, practiced saying 'hit it!" and then Brandon pulled him through the water (making a pretty impressive boat sound).  When we got out on the lake, Ryan was more than ready to go! He tried it first with Adam and was soon giving the thumbs up as a sign to go faster! 

 This video is not exactly riveting but Ryan likes watching himself and it's fun to have captured his first ride:

He went out again with me later. I appreciated that he let us go a little bit faster because turtle speed for an adult means you're dragging half the lake with you!

 He was also a big help when it came to hauling people back to the boat!

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Life of the Lorenzens said...

what a fun trip! The kids love watching all the videos.