Monday, July 15, 2013

Fair : Inflatables

After the pony rides, Ryan decided he was finally ready to tackle the inflatables. These were a free even sponsored by the Farm Bureau (thanks, Arvin!).   I was leery after an incident last year where he climbed all the way to the top of the inflatable slide and then, you guessed it, refused to go down. Other kids tried to coax and/or push him down but my pregnant self was forced to climb to the top so we could get out of there! This year was much different, though. He loved the jumping castle that included a tunnel and a small slide inside. Then, he tried the obstacle course. He did better than expected and navigated it just fine. There were only a few times I was afraid he was going to be smushed by an older kid running over top of the crawl-through barrels.

The inflatables closed at 8:00 which resulted in full meltdown. Meltdown can kind of be taken literally in this instance as Ryan pulled the "limp" trick where he refused to put any weight on his legs and just lay on the ground crying. Lovely. Especially when it's 95 degrees, I'm holding a very tired baby and we are blocks from the car.  But, we eventually got out of the there and got grandma back home, then headed home.  Adam helped finish up the landscape the next day and Ryan and Cohen enjoyed another day at Grandpa and Grandma's.

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