Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Fishing

The weather was great on Sunday, so after Ryan took a long afternoon nap, we decided to pack a picnic and head to Paullina. Ryan did great casting and had a few nibbles, but hasn't really mastered setting the hook. Adam pulled in a bass and then we tried out a new fishing spot.  The weeds had gotten a lot taller since our last visit to that spot and there's a lot more algae/weeds along shore. The warm weather was also probably driving the fish to deeper/cooler water. I guess what I'm trying to say is...we didn't catch any more fish.

So, we took a break for some PB&J and then tried out the bridge. All we accomplished there was Ryan dropping his Spiderman fishing pole into the drink. Adam was able to drop his line in and wrap it around the bobber to pull Spidey to safety.

Cohen just enjoyed being outside and was content to hang out in the carrier for the evening. We loved having a fun summer weekend together as a family!

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