Friday, July 12, 2013

St. Cloud: Family

We had an extended family picture before Adam's cousin's wedding. Only the professional photographer got the whole family shot, but we took a few pictures in the lobby of just Adam's family. At this point, we'll take a cheesy smile over nothing :)

We also got to see some extended family, including all the Great Aunts and Uncles and most of Adam's cousins and their kids.
Great Uncle Jim and Great Aunt Sharon

Isaiah (11 months) and Cohen (7 months)

Cohen being silly with Great Grandpa and Grandma Mol

Ryan finding a seat to peruse the program.
And...getting a little tired after no nap.
Ryan and Isaiah
After the picture and some supper, I didn't even risk bringing the boys into the wedding ceremony so I just hung out in the nursery with them. We were eventually joined by 8 other little ones :) Then, we headed to the reception in Sartell after only a slight delay of Adam's phone GPS directing us to the Water Treatment Plant and a private driveway. There were 3 other cars with dressed-up people making a U-turn so we think they all had Galaxy phones too!  Ryan had been so excited about going to the "dance party" but by the time the bride and groom kicked off the dance, it was late and Ryan was ready to go. I consider carrying a 40+ lb 3 year old from the parking lot to our second floor room - in heels - to be one of my greatest physical feats of all time, second only to balancing Cohen's 20+ lbs on one palm during the wedding picture because Ryan insisted on holding my other hand.

We took off the next morning and were home by 2:00, just in time to unpack and get dressed to go to another wedding! This time we went without kids and had a nice time with a bunch of other football coaches (the head coach's daughter married a player).

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