Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cohen: 19 Months

Cohen is adding more words (and facial expressions) to his expanding vocabulary, including: hot (which he says about every food), cold, poon (spoon), hawk, fish, fly, down, swing, cheese, nanu (what he calls a drink for no known reason), hanu (what he says when he wants the food you have, also for no known reason), mine, cookie, cheeps (chips), cup, papa (Grandpa).

He has a little sweet tooth and we cannot get any dessert or snacks out if he isn't finished with his meal or he will immediately forget his food and want what you have. He also loves Doritos and will point to the cupboard asking for "cheeps" all the time. Luckily, he loves other healthier foods too and it's not uncommon for him to ask for more green beans or other vegetable.

Cohen is still into imitating any sound or movement Ryan does. Sometimes this gets interesting, like when Ryan gets mad, he will blow his tongue between his lips like "pthsth" at the offending person (or object). Now Cohen does it right back to him and they get into a "pthsth" "pthsth" war back and forth. Cohen will also reach back and slap something (or someone) that he is mad at, including the floor when he trips over his feet, which is often.

Cohen isn't afraid to try anything like jumping off the couch onto some pillows, going up the ladder and down the slide by himself, or blowing bubbles in the bathtub. He is also getting more used to swimming. He's also sleeping great, usually from 8:30pm-7:30am with a 2-hour nap in the afternoon. He has all his teeth poked through, but the eye teeth aren't fully grown in.

One of my favorite parts of the day is when I get home from work and Cohen still comes running, yelling "MAMA!" and launches himself into my arms. My other favorite time is when we read books at night and he goes over to his shelf, pick out a book, then climbs up on my lap. When we're done, I sing a few songs and he lays back contentedly smiling up at me. What a sweetie.

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