Sunday, July 20, 2014

Vacation: Bramble Park Zoo

Zoom in to see lots of fuzzy little ducklings.
After eating lunch, we traveled about 50 miles North to Watertown and checked into our motel, then decided to check out the local zoo. We weren't really sure what to expect (I guess I was thinking along the lines of the Sioux Falls Zoo), but it was even smaller than expected. The only reason we were there longer than an hour was that the boys liked the indoor fish aquariums so we went back and let them stay in there as long as they wanted. Here are a few pictures from our visit:

A bear and a barrel

Looking in on one of the many bird exhibits
Indoor taxidermy Elephant head.

Cohen liked the giant fish on his level.

There were a few painted cutouts throughout.

One bored primate.

Giant more info provided.


Sting Ray

Lighted Terry Redlin images in the fish room.

Stuffed Rhino and termite mound

Measuring wingspan
After the zoo, we went swimming in the hotel pool and ordered pizza. Cohen was so exhausted that he easily went to sleep in the Pack N Play at 8, even with the rest of us still up. If you're staying in Watertown, I do recommend the Quality Inn-it was a very large room with a fridge and microwave. The pool isn't anything special, but the included breakfast was pretty good and we had great service. I can't say I recommend the zoo, but it was fine for our kids. Maybe when they are a little older we can do Thunder Road or something else in this town.

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