Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ryan: 4 years, 9 months

Ryan has been into super heroes lately and even took a few trips up and down the street on his bike in full Batman gear. He also invented a new use for all the koozies we keep getting at parades: superhero gloves! We now have a set of red, blue, black and yellow which covers most of the major super heroes.

Ryan has been really into coloring, drawing, and writing this month. He can now write his name without assistance and can write most of the numbers by himself (3's seem to be the trickiest). He can also copy many words if we write them on another paper first.  His drawing and coloring has advance quite a bit with all the extra practice and he now successfully colors in the lines, even in small spaces. He's also branched way out into drawing different scenes of Angry Birds, pirate ships, fishing from docks, animals, motorcycles, etc. I love seeing what he comes up with!

He's also been really into learning about science lately so most of the books we get from the library have to do with the universe, animals, weather, or how things work. I'm not a huge fan of the graphic snake-eating-an-oppossum pictures or try to reconcile the science books version of how the earth was created, or even the water conservation books that teach kids not to flush the toilet every time, but am happy that his curiosity has branched out from the land of Disney or Rovio-inspired characters and lands.

Ryan has loved summer so far and is looking forward to many more fun activities this month!

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