Sunday, July 27, 2014


On Sunday, my parents came over to enjoy some of the fish Adam and Ryan caught on vacation. After dinner, my dad, Adam and Ryan took his boat to Paullina. They didn't have much luck fishing, but Ryan sure hooked a big one as he was pulling back to cast!  Adam felt something hit his ear (the weight) and grabbed the line before Ryan could cast out. Ryan's hook was embedded in Adam's ear/head.  After going back to shore and checking it out in the mirror, a deputy, lifeguard and several bystanders reported that they'd never seen anything like it and weren't sure what to do.
I got a text from Adam saying "We're on our way home and may need to go to the emergency room when we get there...Ryan hooked my ear."  Great.

When he got home, we agreed it was quite the fashion accessory!

We hemmed, hawed, and Googled for a while, trying to come up with ways to get the hook out ourselves, but because the position of the hook, we couldn't push down on the other end to get the right angle. In case you're ever in a situation like this, here is the suggested method.  After trimming the feather and worm off and trying to ice it, we decided it was best left to a professional, so off to the ER he went.

The doctor and all the nurses agreed it was a predicament and after numbing it up, were able to pull it out. A band-aid, tetanus shot, Rx for antibiotics, and I'm sure a hefty bill later, he was out and was pretty much pain-free by the next day.

Great story to remind Ryan about when he's older!

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