Saturday, July 19, 2014

Vacation: South Dakota Children's Museum

We left for a short vacation early Saturday morning. Our first stop was the South Dakota Children's Museum in Brookings. I had heard good things and was really excited to bring the boys. We were not disappointed! Here are some of the activities they loved:
Giant dinosaur outside.
Animated dinosaur
Digging for fossils
Building with foam blocks

Building a house
Construction Workers
Final product!
Fixing cars

Moving bricks
Stuffed dog in the barn
Sending produce to the grocery store
Giant Lite-Brite
Instrument Wall
Baby pigs
Ride 'em cowboy
Changing tires
Water Works
Following the balls through the maze
Pumping up the pressure to shoot the ball up
Making music
We had a great time!
All in all, we spent about 2.5 hours here and only left because it was getting late for lunch and Ryan was pretty set on McDonald's and we had other activities planned for the afternoon.  I would say this place can easily entertain a 1.5-4 year old for at least 3 hours. We didn't do all of the rooms but let the boys just explore and take time where they were interested, skip where they weren't. I'd like to try out some other children's museums in the area but this one will be pretty hard to beat!

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