Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Cookies 2014

Who likes frosting? This guy!
We did several rounds of Christmas cookies this year.  Adam's mom and dad graciously baked our traditional recipe cookies and I had some from a school fundraiser, so they came over one night to frost them with the boys' help. I think the boys had a great time (especially with the sprinkles) and I had to let go of my desire for them to be perfect and beautiful. I think we all had much more fun that way.
Adding mini M&M ornaments to a tree
Sprinkle Extrodinaire
A good chef tastes as he goes.
Fun night of cookie frosting!
Boys got their own box so they could eat the cookies with questionable knife-licking practices.
Some of the completed cookies

More cookies of all shapes and colors
Of course, the "must make pretty cookies" part of me eventually won out and I made my own set of cookies for a few other events.  First, for a women's ministry cookie-exchange event at church, I tried out "flooding" for the first time. I used this recipe for cookies and it worked so well, especially since the dough doesn't have to be chilled before rolling it out. I also love the almond flavor. I used this recipe for frosting and found it to work well also (I used almond flavoring again).  Here are the snowflakes and snowmen cookies I shared with my work team and brought to the cookie exchange.

Cookie exchange table.
 On a side note, this was a fun event at church with over 50 ladies participating. You could sign up to learn arm-knitting or to paint a canvas (guided by one of the local elementary art teachers). I had a lot of fun painting this canvas and it's currently in Avonlea's room.

I signed up to bring cookies to Ryan's preschool open house, so I did one more round of cookies using the same almond sugar cookie recipe and frosting. I tried to keep it simple with just 1 icing color and it still turned out nicely and were popular with the kids at preschool. Good thing I kept a few at home for us!

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