Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day

On Christmas morning, the boys opened their stockings first. The $1 LED flashlights were a hit and they each got a new farm animal: a cat that looks just like "Catty", Ryan's stuffed animal, and a fox (they still sing "What does the fox say?). They also got their 2014 ornament--a Sorry! game for Ryan and a James train for Cohen. Avonlea's ornament was a pair of ceramic pink shoes. She also had to settle for some new washcloths for her stocking gift :)
We then made a deal that they had to bathe, get dressed, and eat breakfast before opening the presents under the tree. They each had a few gifts like coloring books, books, new socks, and some clothes. They didn't seem to mind the more practical gifts at all!

By late morning, it was time to head to my parent's house. We all enjoyed lunch and then presents. We all quickly regretted the "stocking stuffer" my mom picked out which was a shrieking howler monkey that did exactly that (shriek) when you flung it around.
Pure Evil.

How she slept through the chaos? I'll never know.
The kids all enjoyed their presents from grandpa and grandma and they had a great time playing with cousins. It was our last Christmas at the house where I grew up (the acreage is sold and my parents are moving this Spring) and it was nice to have some final Christmas memories at the farm.
Emily and Avonlea
Seven grandchildren age 8 and under.
Ryan's favorite gift--Sliver, the T-Rex, a Switch & Go Dinosaur
Bright-eyed and ready for the trip home!

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