Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Pretzels and Light Ride

We decided to do some fun Christmas things to break up a long Saturday. The boys helped decorate dipped pretzel rods. Tip: melt the squares of Almond Bark in a tall mug, then, you can dip the rod in and just twirl it around with the mug tilted. It probably would work better to roll the rods in the toppings instead of sprinkling, but we were operating at a novice level.

Sprinkles are a favorite. This kind had holes in the cap which was perfect for controlling the output.

Sprinkling mini M&Ms with a few sidetracked into his mouth.
We stored these in the freezer until our Christmas parties (and ate the broken and ugly ones).
After supper that night, we had the boys go on a treasure hunt where I just printed off pictures of things in our house so Ryan would run from one clue to the next. The last clues led to the Christmas tree where I had 2 tickets good for "Christmas Lights and Ice Cream."  So, they chose a stuffed animal to take along and we got into the van for a trip to Maurice to see the lights.

Afterwards we went to Dairy Queen where I LOVED the Candy Cane Chill blizzard (and the BOGO free coupon I had). To my surprise, Ryan chose a "red slush" over ice cream, but apparently gave it the Thumbs Up.

 It was a fun night and sometime inexpensive but memorable for us to do as a family.

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