Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas on Saturday

Saturday we got to spend the day with Adam's family. We had fajitas, tacos, and taco soup this year and it was delicious! I didn't mind the Pizza Ranch for supper either, of course.

It was fun with 4 grandkids there this year. Ryan and Cohen split present-distribution duties, so I guess the rule is now "the youngest with the ability to lift packages."

This is the only Christmas party where we attempted a family picture, so this one serves as the best "family of 5" picture we have!
Me and my girl
Christmas dress! (One of the few things I've actually pickd upt and bought for her!)
Miss Madie opening presents. Can't wait for these 2 little girlies to play together!
Boone grandkids
Now Grandpa's looking but Madie isn't, but Avonlea looks less scared. Oh the struggle!
Cohen helping Madie with her pop-up pals toy.
Ryan put together his entire Lego Firetruck by himself!

Pretty excited about opening a skateboard!

Big Boy in a little wagon.
Good night!

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