Friday, December 12, 2014

Cohen: 2 Years Old

Our little man turned two! He seems to have grown up SO much in the time since Avonlea was born and he became big brother. He can now fully communicate just about anything he needs and has a much larger vocabulary. He's singing songs, learning to play games, and reading books. He likes setting things up (and knocking them down), drawing (mostly closed shapes that he calls circles and little squiggles filling a paper) and playing with stickers (some day he'll lose interest in free address labels!) He also loves wrestling with Daddy and Ryan, jumping off the couch (fearless of both pain and rules), having someone chase him (especially when you are trying to put on his socks or coat).

If it sounds like he's a bit of a stinker, you're catching on. I think he's got this "middle child wants attention" gig down. But, he is such a little ham and smiley little "shmoe" that it's hard to stay mad at him. Especially when he, unprompted, will hug you and say "sah-wee" or "I kiss it" if you say "ouch," even if he didn't cause the injury.

Some of his favorite phrases are:
"No, My do it!" (He uses My instead of I)
"I want beck-fest (breakfast)" (usually asking for pancakes, donuts, or bacon)
"I sit on Mommy's yap." (lap for book time)
"Nana-nana-goo-goo" (taunting)
"I brush teef" (He will ask any time I'm in the bathroom and will ALWAYS pick the grown-up toothpaste and I'll say - no that's mommy's, you don't like that kind" to which he'll say "Oh!" and then pick something else)
"Supah-Powah!" (Super Power which is what he calls little Super Heroes)
"Where Ee-ka (Nika) go?"
"Fightah-Fightah" (Fire Fighter)
"Ah-mee" (Avonlea), or when prompted, he'll try to repeat 3 syllables as "Ah-ben-wee"

Here's a few recent pictures:

He opened 1 present on his actual birthday-a small enclosed bouncer (trampoline) for the basement.
Licking the water fountain at church while trying to get a drink.
Nap hair is real, people.

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