Saturday, December 1, 2012

3 Years, 2 Months

Ryan's highlights of the month include getting ready for Christmas, getting ready for the baby, and finding more indoor activities to play.

He loves the Christmas decorations and our lights outside and has enjoyed playing with his Nativity Scene. He will tell you some of the Christmas story, but don't be surprised if it was baby "Moses" in the manger, instead of Jesus. When we corrected him today, he'll claim, "I was just joking, Mommy. I'm just kidding you." That's his comeback lately if he senses he got the answer "wrong."

Ryan is eager for the baby to arrive and likes to feel the baby kick. He is excited about getting the nursery ready and is concerned about making sure the baby is "comfy" and not scared. He assured us that if the baby is scared, he'll just till her "Don't be scared in the dark because God is always with us and he will protect us."

He's gotten into puzzles more lately and can now complete the 28-piece puzzles in his "5 in a box Preschool Playbox" by himself. You'll know when he's finished because he jumps around with his hands in the air yelling "Yay! I did it!" He likes playing Candyland, setting up Dominoes, and racing his Hot Wheels, besides the usual Lego and farm animal favorites. He LOVES playing with trains at both grandparents' houses and if you ask him what he wants for Christmas, his top request is "lots of trains."

His favorite library books are "I'll Save you, Bobo," a sequal to "I Must Have Bobo" but I think it has more to do with my voices when Earl, the cat, jumps on them than the actual storyline. He also likes "Toy Farmer" from the library right now. Now that we have DVR, he prefers to watch the saved episodes of Curious George over anything else.

We definitely struggle with a "battle of the wills" sometimes and he is not above testing limits time and time again.  He does not like to listen to Mommy and Daddy the first time and can pull quite the attitude (complete with eye-roll, and condescending tone of "OKAAAAY FIIIIINE, I WIIIIIILLLLL." We're trying to be consistent with our expectations but I'm the first to admit that sometimes I am just too tired to put up a fight lately or too irritated to respond calmly. For the most part, though, he can be a sweet kid who will thank me for making him supper or tell me something I decorated looks beautiful. Those comments help cancel out the times he tells me my stomach is "big and fat."

This month is going to be lots of changes for our first-born but I think he's going to be a great big brother!

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