Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cohen's Newborn Pictures

Cohen got his pictures taken on Friday when he was 9 days old. A newborn never does exactly what you want them to do and he refused to lay on his stomach and hated almost any pose that wasn't on his back in a nice comfy blanket. But, we just rolled with the punches and I LOVE the pictures we ended up with! All photos are by Southern Belle Portraiture. Thanks, Hayley, for squeezing us into a busy holiday schedule and for going along with my crazy ideas!

Here are some "head shots":

Future Football Player:

Or maybe he'll play on Daddy's baseball team instead:

Or he could be a bookworm like Mommy:

Many people have asked if Cohen looks like Ryan. I see a few similarities at times, but here is a direct comparison. Cohen at 9 days vs. Ryan at 3 weeks:

I think they're both adorable!

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Life of the Lorenzens said...

These are all so cute. After seeing the side-by-side comparison, I think Cohen looks more like Adam. Although, that's not hard since Ryan pretty much looked like and exact replica of you as a baby!