Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cohen's 2nd Day

Cohen spent most of his second day sleeping. He tends to fall asleep when eating so we're trying to find ways of waking him up. Adam hung out with me most of the day and although we had some visitors, it was not near the craziness of Ryan's 2nd day in the hospital.

In the morning, 2 of our pastors from church came by to visit. We were also able to call our grandparents and then share the news the 21st Century way...on facebook. I was happy to be able to get up and showered and dressed which made me feel much better.  I slept for about an hour in the afternoon, but was definitely feeling some pain and wishing for my next round of ibuprofen.  One thing we really enjoyed at this hospital was the room service that is offered to new moms and dads. We could order whatever we wanted for each meal and it was delivered to our rooms. I highly recommend the cheese balls! :)

At night, we had a few more visitors, including my mom, Ryan, my grandma, Adam's parents, Abbie, Wade & Saylor, and my Aunt, Uncle and cousins from Orange City.
Great Aunt Leah
Great Grandma B
Saylor was not too sure about seeing her mommy holding another baby.
Aunt Abbie, Uncle Wade, and Cousin Saylor
Adam spent the night at home again while I tried to get some rest. This time I probably slept for 1.5-2 hours during two different stretches and Cohen went 4 hours between feedings a few times. He's a very sleepy boy!

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