Sunday, December 2, 2012

Grandpa's Birthday

Today was Adam's dad's birthday, so we got to eat dinner with him today. Andy and Kim also came up to surprise him this weekend, so it was great to be able to see them again. 

(I'll have to post some family pictures later, but didn't get any on my camera.)

Ryan liked helping Grandpa open his presents, but was a little disappointed that he'd chosen to have blueberry pie for his birthday instead of cake. Ryan was probably thinking, "What's a party without cake?" But don't worry, he got plenty of frosting later in the afternoon.
Ryan loves seeing Andy and Kim and got to spend some quality time reading books with "Aunt Keem."

He also loves their dog, Tessa, a border terrier. Tessa can do some tricks and Ryan likes trying to make her perform by giving her Cheerios, although Ryan's specialty trick is "leave a trail of Cheerios around the house for Tessa to 'find'." She is great at that game.  The one they worked on today was holding a Cheerio above her head and trying to get her to catch it in her mouth, which she did successfully!
As we were driving away this afternoon, Ryan teared-up and told us in a quivery voice that he misses Uncle Andy and Aunt Kim and wants to see them again, so it's good that Christmas is only about 3 weeks away!

Happy Birthday, Grandpa B!

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