Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Meeting Cohen

After moving to the recovery room, we were able to call our parents and siblings to share the news of our new little boy.  I was also able to feed Cohen for the first time while Adam ate supper.  Our parents, my sister, and Ryan soon arrived at the hospital.

Ryan got to be the first one in the room and he was SO excited to meet his "new baby." He was so gentle and told us how cute and tiny he was. He liked sitting up on the bed with me and even obliged us with a few pictures.

Our family of 4 a few hours after Cohen was born.
Ryan and Cohen
Both of our parents and my sister, Abbie, also were able to meet him that night.
Grandma B.
Grandpa B.

Grandma B.
After everyone left, I was able to finally eat a sandwich and some fruit, then after I was settled, Adam headed home to get some sleep. I was still running high on adrenaline, so it was difficult to sleep. It was really nice when the nurse brought Cohen in at about 1:30am after he'd had a bath and gotten all cleaned up. He was so cute and cuddly!

I finally fell asleep at about 3:30am after being up for 25 hours and only got about an hour of sleep that night. I knew the next day would be exhausting and there was definitely pain replacing adrenaline, but I couldn't be more grateful that I had a healthy little boy to make us a family of four!

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