Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Advice from Ryan

Yesterday while Ryan and I were making a paper airplane, he tried to get my attention by slapping me on the cheek. Although I'm not sure he really meant to hit that hard, I wanted to be consistent in my discipline so I sat him in Timeout and told him hitting was not okay. He writhed and screamed for a bit but calmed down in a few minutes so I went in to get him.

I always try to reinforce why he was in time-out by asking him, "Ryan, why where you in time-out?" 

He responded, "Because I hit mommy like this."

And then he slapped me again.

Just to show me.

Glad he learned his lesson.

It was hard not to laugh but I did reinforce that we shouldn't hit. He agreed and said, "God wants us to be kind to each other."  I have no idea where he got that line, but let's hope it sticks more than the "no hitting" did.


Today Adam and Ryan were playing football in the backyard when Adam rolled his ankle. He hobbled over to the deck to sit down. Ryan grabbed the football, hustled over to Adam and announced, 

"Daddy, sometimes that happens in football. You just have to walk it off."

You think he's heard that before?

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