Monday, April 2, 2012

Chicago Day 1

I was in Chicago for 3 nights this week for a work conference about emerging mobile technologies. Instead of boring you with details about the conference, I'll summarize using my list of foursquare checkins.

6:00am Sioux Falls Regional Airport. 
I realize the picture below is perhaps the least interesting I've ever posted, but I appreciated the free wi-fi in the new business lounge so I could get some work done before my flight. I love flying out of Sioux Falls.  In fact, here are 9 reasons why FSD is better than O'Hare:
  1. New parking lot. 3 minutes from parking to terminal and you don't have to remember what level of the garage you're on, nor catch a ride on a shuttle.
  2. No lines at the "self-check" kiosk which the counter person will help you with since there is no one else in line to help.
  3. Arriving 1 hour before your fight is completely adequate and gives you time to shop the pheasant and Mt. Rushmore souvenirs.
  4. No sitting on the floor. There are plenty of chairs. 
  5. Wi-Fi is free!
  6. There are no middle seats.  You have a 2/3 chance of getting a window seat and 2/3 chance of getting an aisle.
  7. The person you sit next to you on your flight knows someone you know. Guaranteed.
  8. TVs in the boarding area are tuned to Price is Right or SportsCenter, not CNN #knowyourmarket
  9. It's fun to play "guess who's from South Dakota" vs. a visiting business traveler. Duds from RCC Western Wear are a dead giveaway for native Dakotans.
  10. No first class jealousy. We're all in the same boat, here, people.
11:00am O'Hare airport cab line.
This puke-free cab ride was brought to you by Trans Dermal Scop (my motion sickness patch)

12:00pm Sheraton Hotel & Towers
This $10 salad has no taste and my frapuccino tastes like glue, also brought to you by Trans Dermal Scop

3:00pm Sheraton Ballroom
Pre-conference workshop

6:00pm Italian Village
I got to meet up with my friend, Aftin, who works in Chicago. When we sat down in the lower level and saw mostly veal and the occassional rabbit leg on the menu, we left a tip to cover our water glasses and bread and headed upstairs to more recognizable fare. My shrimp and broccoli pasta didn't have a lot of taste, but I was still wearing my patch, so this might not have been a fair assessment.

8:30pm Sheraton Hotel & Towers
I did some work at the hotel but the side effects of the medication (dry mouth, drowsiness, and blurred vision) became too much and I had to call it a night early.

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