Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chicago Day 3

8:00am Conference Room
People started talking...

2:00pm Conference Room
I ate this:

5:00 Conference Room
...People stopped talking.

5:05pm Michigan Avenue
I enjoyed a nice walk down Michigan, this time while it was light out, and loved seeing the beautiful tulips.

5:20pm H&M
 I only had about 30 minutes to shop, so I beelined it for H&M which is apparently what 700 other people decided to do as well, but I did manage to find a cute dress.

6:00pm Lou Malnati's
I met up with my cousin, J, who is on Chicago semester right now, at Lou Malnati's, my favorite Chicago pizza place.  We enjoyed a deep-dish Chicago Classic and I had to indulge in the chocolate chip pizza with ice cream that has haunted my dreams since I had it last Spring.

8:30pm American Girl Store
I loved these books as a kid but grew up too fast to get in on the doll craze. Still, it was fun to walk through the store.

8:45pm Lego Store
I picked out a green "Lego mat" for Ryan's new Lego table and also got a little Duplo Zoo kit for him as a gift. He's going to love this store when he's older!

9:00pm Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop
J showed me one of Hershey Square's most popular people...the sample lady at Ghirardelli. We enjoyed our caramel-filled samples while drinking in the amazing aroma. If I wasn't already stuffed from Lou's, I would have bellied up to the ice cream bar here, but the line was too long to stand around, so I didn't end up buying anything.

9:45pm Sheraton Hotel & Towers
After saying good-bye to J, I trekked back to the hotel and tried to form a packing strategy. It was a good thing I had checked a bag (not that my 3 giant ziplock bags of larger-than-3oz. liquid or foam products could have gotten through security anyway).

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